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Commission a Custom Painting

It's a memory, a statement piece, a perfect expression uniquely tailored to your space, your taste, your lifestyle. It's the perfect way for you to be a part of the creative process and secure a piece of art that is custom made just for you. A Custom Painting can be the perfect edition to your home, office, garage, you name it. It can represent a cherished moment in time, bring your space to life with custom accent colors to complete your interior design, immortalize your fur baby, bring your favorite foreign destination right into your living room, and more. 

City of Lights - 8"x10" oil painting on cradled panel.

City of Lights

This painting was commissioned as an anniversary present for a couple who honeymooned in Paris. Blues and purples signify romantic mood, and reflected light dances off the slick streets. A palette knife style was requested, and gives the piece a nostalgic, impressionistic feel.

Solar Eclipse 2017 - 8"x10" oil on canvas.

Solar Eclipse 2017 - 8"x10" oil on canvas.

Solar Eclipse 2017

If you witnessed the full solar eclipse in 2017, you know the incredible impact of this experience. It's something that just can't be captured on camera. This painting was commissioned by this adorable couple and their Corgi, to commemorate their trip to view the Great American Eclipse. They requested that oranges be incorporated to tie in the colors of their new apartment. How cute are those Corgi ears!?!

Sunset over Silverthorne - 8"x10" oil on canvas.

Sunset over Silverthorne - 8"x10" oil on canvas.

Sunset over Silverthorne

This painting was commissioned by someone whose father had built a log cabin from the ground up in Silverthorne, Colorado. Years of memories were made there, and she moved out of state. The cabin is still in the family, and this commission is the view of the sunset from the balcony. Now she has a little piece of her heaven on earth in her own home.

Oh my goodness, we love it!! When looking at it, I can easily remember that very moment!! I’m so happy, and so thankful to have this piece! [...] I can hardly wait to have it hanging in my living room! Thank you for really making this come to life!
— Jess (owner of Solar Eclipse 2017 commission)

I love the process of creating commissions because I get to work directly with YOU and YOUR vision to arrive at something you will love and cherish for years to come. Whether you have only a rough idea and want my creative input, or have a specific image in mind, the commission process is always a blast. I love hearing your ideas and delivering a painting that is unique and meaningful to you.

Let's have some fun with it! I'm not afraid to paint with a sense of humor. This large 60" x 60" oil painting was painted for display in its owner's Seattle apartment. While at first blush it looks like a sophisticated, modern take on the Seattle skyline that makes a perfect centerpiece for the living room in his downtown apartment, we hid a fun, unique little easter egg in the upper left. As a software engineer with a love for robots, we hid an enormous man-eating robot in the distance. Now, that's a real conversation piece!


Commissions are priced based on size and level of difficulty. I believe everyone deserves to have art they love in their homes, but I also understand that people have bills to pay and lives to live! So, I work hard to keep my art affordable. Please feel free to reach out - I'd love to chat with you about pricing, pressure-free! Plus, ask me about payment plans, which I offer for larger and more expensive pieces. I look forward to working with you to create a unique piece you will cherish for years!

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