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100 Day Art Challenge pt 4




I called Malibu home for 4 years and it was some of the most challenging and influential years of my life. I was incredibly blessed to have studied in such a beautiful place, but even more fortunate to have encountered the people that I did while I was there. They challenged me to see the humanity in our differences, that diversity in background, beliefs, and opinions doesn't mean enmity; it can mean love and acceptance, and amazing conversation. It's been several years now, but I always look very fondly back on my time there. On nights sitting on the rocks listening to the surf and talking philosophically, planning bright futures, dreaming and scheming about changing the world. This painting reflects my admiration of that place, and not just because it's beautiful (which it certainly is). This painting to me is all about taking a moment to breathe, appreciate where you are, and be filled with hope and inspiration.

5"x7" mixed media on primed paper.

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