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Extinguished - Giclee Print

Extinguished - Giclee Print


This painting was salvaged from an old painting I had started, failed, and never finished. It was tossed into the corner and forgotten about for several years. When I finally dug the canvas back out of its storage place, I decided it was time to re-work. This painting went through three very different stages until reaching its finished stage. But remnants of the very first stage are still visible - the red along the bottom is from the original, failed, painting. To me, it is a reminder that nothing is lost or hopeless. There will be times when things don’t work out. Step away, re-think, and eventually re-work.

The subject itself was painted from a very emotional perspective, but I’ll save those thoughts for myself so you can let it speak to you uniquely. If you’re ever curious, feel free to ask me. ;)

The original piece has sold, but these 11x14” Giclee prints include 1” margins for easy matting and framing, and each print comes hand-signed by me.

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